New Jersey: Granada (D2)

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Power Ranking By Week
Week 9 3-6 14

Went down early, but found a way to steal Damascus’ first win. They show glimpses of some really terrific play, but they have also shown the ability to get knocked out in the opening round.

Week 8 2-6 14

Another tough loss. That boy Anwar Ahmed though...

Week 7 2-5 14

They deserved this one, but Omar Qasem had to cause more pain.

Week 6 2-4 15

Everyone talking about talent, not seeing it translate.

Week 5 2-3 15

Great first half, self destructive second half. Looked like they forgot what defense and basketball was.

Week 4 2-2 11

Anwar Ahmad. That is all.

Week 3 1-2 13

Took them a while to wake during each of their 8AM games to start the season, but they never woke up in this 9AM matchup with Lagos. Nothing went right for them, everything went right for Lagos. Sometimes you have these games. What is a concern though, they have not been able to start a game off well. When you play good opponents, if you don’t start well, you have no chance.

Week 2 1-1 7

Early on it looked like they were on the ropes, about to be blown off the court. They struggled to get passed half court, couldn’t get the ball moving, and gave up easy baskets off of steals. Then, the defense kicked in, which made it easier to run their offense. They took down a really really solid team without arguably their best player. Big time growing moment - let’s see if they can keep the momentum.

Week 1 0-1 11

Almost stormed back to steal this one from Islamabad, but came up a hair short. Seems like George is a solid replacement for the departed Omar Qasem. Islamabad gave it to them on the offensive boards, a deficiency of having a somewhat small roster.