WINTERBALL '22 Season Registration


New Jersey D2
Reg Season (8 games): Thursdays 1/6 – 2/24, 8:00p-11:00p
Playoffs: Thursdays 3/3 – 3/24, 8:00p-11:00p

*Schedule may change to accommodate make-ups for reasons including weather, holidays, gym closure, etc. As much notice as possible will be given to captains and players in such events.


New Jersey
Hoop Heaven
125 Algonquin Parkway
Whippany, NJ 07981
(973) 884-4667

New Jersey - Hoop Heaven
Hoop Heaven

• Only TOP 16 teams make playoffs. Teams that have forfeited 20% or more of their regular season games do not make playoffs.
• Each team registers with a minimum of 7 players and maximum of 10 players.
• Rosters must be in line with prior seasons talent level for that division and will still require Commissioner approval.
• All new players will be subject to a 2 games played review to ensure competition is balanced. If Commissioners deem a new player has shifted the balance within the division, then the player must be dropped.

Fees: • $1200/team in NJ (covers referee fees and statskeeper fees)
• $35 for one-time purchase of official MB jersey (must be worn by all players and can be used for all future seasons). Captains will be notified by Commissioners on how to proceed with team's jersey order.
• Each Captain is financially responsible for his team's payment and must ensure team pays online by season opener. Captain will receive an invoice that can be shared with teammates. Failure to pay by season opener will result in late fees and/or rescheduling of games with other delinquent Captains and forfeits for BOTH teams.
• Captains that register while there is still room AND pay their $125 deposit are guaranteed spots. Captains registering late will be placed on a waiting list.

• Each Captain must pay a $125 non-refundable deposit through PayPal to reserve his team's spot.
• Team balance is due in full by season opener by online payment only (no payment on-site). Invoice will be sent to captain that can be shared with teammates to pay individually. Failure to pay balance may result in late fees and/or forfeits.
• Upon registration, a unique team code will be emailed to the Captain, which needs to be given to those players on your team in order for them to register.
• Captains will be notified by Commissioners on how to proceed with team’s jersey order.

Signed Players
• No deposit is required for registration.
• Use the team code from your Captain to register.

Free Agents
• Don't have a team? Post on our Free Agent Thread and interested captains will reach out to you directly.

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