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Malik Zubi  
#1 Posted : Monday, August 6, 2018 10:44:54 PM(UTC)
Malik Zubi

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This season is turning out to be a good one! Lots of talent, competitive as ever and damn some big numbers were put up. Here are your predictions for August 8th.

Delhi vs. Fez - Delhi put up a good fight last week against Mecca but some late game miscues lost them the game. Splash had a very efficient game but needs to be more accountable for his errors. Yelling at his teammates and blaming them for his mistakes isn't going to cut it. Marwan Tamimi needs to be more aggressive. 6 shots for a player who can easily easily easily score 12-16 a game does not make sense to me. But I guess it all depends on what the team needs you to do. Another double double from Muhanad, who is maturing right before our very eyes as a basketball player. Hopefully his little cousin does the same. My 8th cousin Omar Alkhalaf had a near double double. That's all the love Fez gets.

Cordoba vs. Dhaka - I anticipated the Cordoba-Kazan game being a close game. Turns out I was wrong. Checking the boxscore Cordoba's two main scorers had a nice stat line. I'm sure Kenny wasn't happy with the result but he will come back strong this week. I think I speak for the entire league when I say I expect more from Jaber. Very gifted passer and a player with a high basketball IQ. He is avg. 11, 8, and 6 but he is very capable of being a 15 ppg guy while maintaining those assists. And at this point Cordoba could use some extra fire power (get it he's a cop, no? nvm). On the Dhaka end of things, FAHAD HAD 43, and 11 3'S! My man just came up short outscoring the opposing team, by himself! Sheeeeesh. Dhaka wins, Kenny gets more grey hairs.

Sana'a vs. Granada - Sana'a being the victim of those 11 3's, probably hate the schedule makers of this league. Granada is a well oil machine, and always find a way to win basketball games. Despite an uncharacteristic less than stellar performance from Anwar, they came out on top against a very good Timbuktu team. Aside from the Ahmad brothers, this team has had multiple contributions from different players week in and week out as their third option. Maybe its Singer's spot to lose. He can be overly aggressive at times, but once he gets rolling, few players can contain him. At this point in the season, whatever momentum and confidence you have to end the season usually pans out well come playoff time. Disclaimer, Shabazz is too damn loud.

Alexandria vs. Beirut - Alexandria...... Alexandri........ Leveland..........Cleveland Browns. sounds about right. Beirut wins.

Jakarta vs. Jerusalem - WOJ bomb! Commisioner Froogh will be making his highly anticipated return from baseball. Oh wait wrong GOAT. Nonetheless this is the first time in 10 years he won't be the oldest guy on the basketball court. Jokes aside, now Himey has someone to yell at about not hustling back on defense. On the bright side Jerusalem only lost by 1.

Cairo vs. Istanbul - Cairo didn't show up so that results in less typing for me. Istanbul did show up. Probably wish they didn't.

Lahore vs. Timbuktu - Lahore won b/c of a Cairo forfeit. So they decided to scrimmage. And even during a scrimmage they were caught checking their stats at halftime. SMH. Timbuktu has Shafic and Muj. I believe they will be without Khalied this week but did I mention the have Muj?

Kabul vs. Sarajevo - The battle of the GOATs. Abdelhadi vs. mini goat in Leonard Lee (I say mini b/c only 2 seasons of MB). Abdelhadi has transformed this team and you won't understand how much he does for this team until you watch him play. Grabs boards, runs in transition, plays help defense and orchestrates the offense. Mr. Lee had a typically Leonard Lee outing and has the better supporting cast. Luke, Rameez and Mike are all number one, number two options on several other teams in this league. But their willingness to ride the hot hand, and play selfless basketball is the reason for their early success. Kabul has the best player but Sarajevo has the better supporting cast. Sorry MVP.

Kazan vs. Baghdad - I told Pat to score 40 before the game and he said he'd "try". Dude put up 48 on 25 shots. I guess we should all "try" more often. Incredible player with a knack for scoring the basketball. Not to mention it helps when you have teammates who all know their role and help you get your shots up. Kazan has been a contender since putting together this group of guys and should only build on that as time progresses. But who saw Baghdad being 6-1? Yeah the same team that went 0-11 last season. Got the W without MVP candidate Amir, but this team is just too deep to rely on one guy and they will keep this game tight.

Riyadh vs. Tehran - Riyadh no show. Tehran beat Fez, as they should have. Well done Omari.

Islamabad vs. Suba - Game of the week. Islamabad has become such a force that teams don't show up. I mean literally, like Riyadh forfeited. Two undefeated teams. Two teams that pride themselves on defense. Great win last week by Suba. Beat a title contender. I know Weiss will be the first to point out they did not have Raza but Mombassa is still pretty good without him. Job well done Suba. I think Islamabad has more guys that can create their own shot and that all starts with Billal. 14.3 points to go along, 6 rebounds and 4.5 assists is what we all have been waiting for from the exuberant Abbassi. Zain and Aymen will be a nice matchup. Sasa and Aytac will hold their own. Toss up. I do think winner of this game rightfully deserves the #1 without any asterisks.

Mombasa vs. Mecca - Won't predict my own game.
#2 Posted : Tuesday, August 7, 2018 1:53:15 AM(UTC)

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Lol i’m not going to use the raz thing. They blew us out. Raz is not going to cover a 20 pt deficit. They overwhelmed us. They were quick and their outlet was fast. We made bad decisions left and right. They made us pay for each one. I haven’t felt defeated like that in a long time. They are a top team and they are really nice people. If we don’t take it this year, I’d like it to be them.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, August 7, 2018 7:59:38 PM(UTC)

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Delhi/Fez: Both teams are 1-6. Both teams don't move the ball too much. Both teams don't seem to know how to play with each other. Both teams have a tough time putting points on the board. I'm going Delhi because I believe they have the better players and they play better defense.

Cordoba/Dhaka: Cordoba plays little to no defense ranking 2nd to last in total defense. Dhaka takes advantage of every team's flaws. They have a legit coach who figures out exactly what this team needs to do to get the dub. Fahad had a 43 point game, and that's what Dhaka is super great at. They don't rely on one thing or one player. Any player can go off any given week, they could score inside and out, and they will play defense.

Sana'a/Granada: Sana'a got absolutely routed by Dhaka ending their 2 game win streak. Sana'a ranks in the bottom 5 of 5 different categories and that is not a formula for success. Granada are the defending champs, they have 3 different scorers and 2 play-makers. They will be too much to handle for Sana'a.

Alexandria/Beirut: Alexandria is yet to win a game, but they kept a few games close. Beirut rarely ever blows teams out even though they have the talent to do so. I believe Alexandria has a shot, but they all have to come to play. They have to leave everything on the hardwood. I don't know if that happens, I got Beirut.

Jakarta/Jerusalem: Jerusalem has kept games close recently, but Jakarta might have just a bit too much. Jakarta beat Sarajevo, then got run off the basketball court by Kabul. They jump back on track in this game, but I don't think it'll be a complete blow out.

Cairo/Istanbul: What is wrong with Istanbul? (scratching my head) They are losing games by an average of 25.4 points. What happened to the Istanbul that went 8-2? Cairo has the 2 best players out of the 2 teams.

Lahore/Timbuktu: Lahore cares too much about personal statistics.

Kabul/Sarajevo: 2 great teams and this should be a great game. I may come a little early to watch this game in fact. If Sarajevo brings their A game, they will win. If Kabul brings their A game, they will win. They both play stellar offense...and stellar defense. Wow, I'm really trying to just say thingz hoping I don't have to make a prediction. This is a legit toss up. It all depends on who brings their A game. Kabul..Sarajevo, Kabul...Sarajevo, Kabul.....Sarajevo. I'll go Kabul because of Mo Abdelhadi. Actually, I'll go Sarajevo because they average 72 points a game. I don't know! Ok fine, Kabul. No wait, Sarajevo. Kabul. No, Sarajevo. Ok.. really, Kabul.

Kazan/Baghdad: We all know it'll be Kazan or Mombasa.

Riyadh/Tehran: Riyadh forfeited verses us. SMH. I hear they are facing injury issues and they are having a tough time bringing enough guys.

Islamabad/Suba: I will not take Suba lightly. #STDWSI

Mombasa/Mecca: Mombasa got blown out by Suba... I predicted Suba will win btw. Will Raza show up? Is he even playoff eligible? I think Mombasa plays better together than Mecca even though Malik has finally stepped it up the past 2 games and SubhanAllah, they won the past 2 games. It doesn't necessarily start with Malik, but he needs to produce if Mecca wants any shot at a championship. If Khalil is there, he will dictate the tempo of Mecca, but I like Mombasa is chemistry a little more.
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#4 Posted : Thursday, August 9, 2018 4:06:44 PM(UTC)

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Delhi vs. Fez
Cordoba vs. Dhaka
Sana'a vs. Granada
Alexandria vs. Beirut
Jakarta vs. Jerusalem
Cairo vs. Istanbul
Lahore vs. Timbuktu
Kabul vs. Sarajevo
Kazan vs. Baghdad
Riyadh vs. Tehran
Islamabad vs. Suba
Mombasa vs. Mecca
#5 Posted : Thursday, August 9, 2018 8:29:46 PM(UTC)

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Delhi/Fez: I’ve seen Delhi play they hustle and play hard, they take this one

Cordoba/Dhaka: Somebody is going to have to run with Ameer and Farhad. Cordoba has the advantage in height however, I am taking Dhaka.

Sanaa/Granada: Granada has too many pieces, Shabazz should eat this game we already know what the brothers can do!

Alexandria/Beirut: Alexandria is a very young team, they need a leader. Beirut wins this one easy.

Jakarta/Jerusalem: Jerusalem had the game in their grasp and let up a layup for the winner. Unfortunately I think another loss is looming.

Cairo/Istanbul: Cairo should dominate this game, try something new get everyone involved!

Lahore/Timbuktu: Both of these teams have had a tough schedule especially Lahore. Both teams are underrated. Lahore needs this game more than Timbuktu, but with a full Timbuktu squad it’s going to be tough. Might have to come real early to watch this game.

Kabul/Sarajevo: Whose stopping Mo from dropping 30/20 for the third week straight? Going to be a great game.

Kazan/Baghdad: Baghdad looked really messy without Amir, going to have to limit the easy layups Kazan strives on. Not going to be easy.

Riyadh/Tehran: Still salty my team didn’t get to play last week so I’m going with Tehran, would be a tougher game if Kareem was showing up.

Islamabad/Suba: Someone has to lose eventually right? You want to see defensive teams battle it out, come for the show. Islamabad can promise you we won’t disappoint!

Mombasa/Mecca: Tough loss without Raza, not sure him being there could have accounted for all those points, they get back on track this week.
#6 Posted : Friday, August 10, 2018 3:44:53 AM(UTC)

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Delhi vs. Fez - Delhi had Mecca on the ropes but lost their composure and let it slip away. They have the more talented squad, Marwan’s due for a breakout game and this is a good chance to get some team chemistry going. Fez has been outmatched the last few games, but their bigs especially Musa have had some good moments, and may be able to steal this one. I’ll go with Delhi

Cordoba vs. Dhaka - won’t predict my game. Thanks Billal for the kind words. Alhamdulillah no Dhaka without Coach K!

Sana'a vs. Granada - Sana’a started making some noise, but then lost a big piece in AR. He brings that defensive intensity and his overall ball IQ makes a big impact. Sana’a will need to gang rebound and also hit the 3 at a good rate to steal this one

Alexandria vs. Beirut - I haven’t seen much of Alexandria but based on their record this is Beirut’s to lose

Jakarta vs. Jerusalem - Jakarta’s defense just isn’t what everyone was expecting. But they should do enough to hand Jerusalem the L

Cairo vs. Istanbul - Adam and the brothers from Istanbul get it together for the upset!!

Lahore vs. Timbuktu - Tough loss for Timbuktu last week. Good opportunity for a bounce back win against underperforming Lahore

Kabul vs. Sarajevo - It’s easy to overlook, but Kabul is the most underrated defensive team right now. Sarajevo forfeited against Kazan earlier this season so for that reason + my above sentence I’m picking Kabul

Kazan vs. Baghdad - Baghdad’s on a mission to get some respect. They’ve taken care of business, took Kabul’s best punch and went toe to toe, but what happened against Jerusalem? I’ll go with Kazan, but a Baghdad win propels them into the top 5 discussion

Riyadh vs. Tehran - Riyadh’s in a bit of a tail spin but I’ll call for the upset here if their bigs show up

Islamabad vs. Suba - Game of the week no doubt. The knock on Suba was the easy schedule then they go ahead and put on a clinic against Mombasa. I give them all the respect right now. As good as Suba is, I think Islamabad has the slight edge. The know how to get high percentage shots and also have excellent transition defense, which is a must against Suba and the human trampoline aka Aymen

Mombasa vs. Mecca - Obada willed Mecca to the win last week with a big time assist and steal to seal the game. Unfortunately for them Mombasa is up next and I don't see them losing 2 in a row
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