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Week 7 Predictions Options
Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2017 10:32:49 AM
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Islamabad-Kabul - Islamabad is a very efficient, balanced team. Their chemistry and experience will continue to help them win games.
Sana'a-Cairo -
Granada-Palermo - Granada has the talent to win this game by a significant margin.
Dhaka-Istanbul - Istanbul's size presents a problem for any team. Dhaka's chemistry and talent are also problems for other teams.
Mombasa-Damascus - Mombasa looks to be very well-rounded 1-5. They play the right way. It's hard to see them losing another game in the regular season.
Beirut-Riyadh - toss up, this should be a good matchup. Beirut's experience likely gives them the W.
Amman-Mecca - It will be tough to match the firepower Amman possesses without one of Mecca's top weapons.
Alexandria-Sarajevo - Sarajevo is on the rise and should challenge Alexandria in a competitive game.
Delhi-Tehran - Tehran beat us and Islamabad, solid wins. They are a tough, physical team that matches up with a Delhi team looking to bounce back.
Fez-Suba - Fez should bounce back and get a W behind their talented offense
Jakarta-Cordoba - this game has the potential to go two different ways depending on who plays for Cordoba. If their full squad is present (Jamel Swindell has not played since week 2 against us), this can be a very tight, competitive game. If not, it could get ugly. Of course this is assuming Mujtaba will be present.
Posted: Monday, August 14, 2017 6:13:57 AM

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Islamabad-Kabul -
Sana'a-Cairo -
Granada-Palermo -
Dhaka-Istanbul - Ask me last season and my answer might've been different
Mombasa-Damascus -
Beirut-Riyadh - Beirut needs a big
Amman-Mecca - Shorthanded Mecca in this one
Alexandria-Sarajevo -
Delhi-Tehran - Dont doubt that Delhi will give them a fight down low.
Fez-Suba - This week on "Will Fez play defense..."
Jakarta -Cordoba

Ibrahim Omar
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Posted: Monday, August 14, 2017 8:30:05 AM

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Islamabad is looking like a favorite to go all the way this season. Interested to see if Hamza can slow down Big Bad O.

Granada should be able to win this. But Abdul Mutaleb needs to offset his 17 points from last week. Will he drop 43 on Omar Qasem?

Unless Dhaka is missing multiple players, Istanbul will not be able to compete. When is Mahmoud returning? He would be a huge help to slow down the Dhaka guards.

Mombasa is looking real good right now, and it's not just Raza. Everyone on the team is playing well.

Riyadh desperately needs a win, but will need to focus big time on defending Beirut who can light it up from 3 and get easy fast break points. They have the size advantage, but need to contain JHart and Nick Marquez's 3s (they average >5 3pm together).

Where is Omar Mana? Battle between him and Ammar will be fun to watch, but with Anas still out, I don't see Mecca being able to score enough to win. Mecca scores 64 ppg when Anas plays and just 40 when he is out. Wow

Sarajevo on the rise! Outside of rookie studs Leonard Lee and Rameez Khizer, huge breakout games for my former teammates Saad and Umar Imran last week. I see that confidence propelling them for an upset win.

Will be fun game to watch, but I think ultimately Tehran is just the smarter team. They made my team pay for mistakes last week. Delhi will have to play extremely controlled, which I'm not sure if they can yet.

Fez's offense is already good, but can be even better. How? Idris needs more touches on offense. Every time I watch him, he is draining shots. He needs at least 15 FGA. One of the most prolific perimeter players in the league and goes under the radar way too often.

Is Muj playing? This can go either way if he is not. Cordoba just won on Saturday with only 5 players, despite missing many of their top guns.

Abdul-Rahman, #3
Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2017 9:13:34 AM

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Islamabad - Kabul
Sana'a - Cairo
Granada - Palermo
Dhaka - Istanbul
Mombasa - Damascus
Beirut - Riyadh
Amman - Mecca
Alexandria - Sarajevo
Delhi - Tehran
Fez - Suba
Jakarta - Cordoba
Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2017 3:59:44 PM
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Islamabad/Kabul- Not going to predict my game.

Sana'a/Cairo- Sana'a is looking to bounce back from a last week;'s crazy loss. (Props to Tehran, gave the 2 undefeated teams their first defeats) As much as I don't want to sleep on Cairo, Sana'a, I think, will be playing with more energy and intensity which will ultimately give them the victory.

Granada/Palermo- Granada has too many weapons for Palermo to match. This should be a fairly easy one for Qasem and the boys.

Dhaka/Istanbul- Istanbul is a good team that has had it's struggles this season. Dhaka are defending back-to-back champions and their chemistry and experience puts them over the top. They have guards that can create and shoot with a big man that does big man things.

Mombasa/Damascus- Damascus hustles and plays defense but they need to find some type of steady offense. Their hustle will keep them somewhat in this one, but Raza and the crew is just more skilled and experienced.

Beirut/Riyadh- I'm yet to see anything I like from Riyadh this season.

Amman/Mecca- Mecca REALLY needs Anas. Like AR said, they score 64 ppg when he's in and just 40 when he doesn't. Amman is a good team and they have too much fire power for Mecca to match.

Alexandria/Sarajevo- Alexandria don't really have any true big men. Their offense will will def keep this one tightbtu Sarajevo may be able to pull this one out down the stretch. It's a close call, a toss up.

Delhi/Tehran- Tehran just beat the 2 undefeated teams in back-to-back weeks. They're really feeling themselves now and I just don't want to bet against them. However, I would not, at all, be surprised if Delhi pulls this one out. Muhanad is a great rebounder, Aymen could flat out play, but Ahmad Abdelghani is the difference. He makes or breaks this team. If he's going to launch up 24.5 shots per game, he best be shooting better than 32%. He can't shoot so poorly if he's jacking up that many shots.

Fez/Suba- Fez is great offensively, but if they want to be in serious title contention, they have to do 2 things. 1) Start playing defense. 2) Get Idris Abus Salam more involved. Let's see how they play this week.

Jakarta/Cordoba- Cordoba is a very skilled team, but if Mujtaba is playing, I don't see Cordoba winning this one. The 1-2 punch of Mujtaba and Jawad is deadly when Jawed has it going. They can both play offense and defense. Himey is also a great defender and Sherif Omar can play in the post. I like Jakarta in this one.

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