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Week 6 Predictions Options
Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2017 3:26:36 PM
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Istanbul/Cairo - Cairo brings the full squad and the inside out game that Kareem and Zain excel at. 

Kabul/Jakarta - Muj + defense wins

Alexandria/Mombasa - this should be a great game.  Can Bernie keep Raza in check?? I say Jahanzaib will implement a defensive strategy that'll get the job done. 

Granada/Fez - Granada will be looking to make a statement here . They get the W

Mecca/Beirut - Mecca will hold it down but not without a fight

Tehran/Sana'a - another must watch. Mo will get his, but I think the key is the match-up with Raied. I haven't seen a lot of Tehran's team defense but they do play physical which may slow him down. But something tells me Sana'a will find a way to win.

Palermo/Islamabad - Islamabad

Sarajevo/Delhi -LL, Rameez and Mike will get their points.  Question is will Sarajevo win the battle of the boards.  I say yes and they get the dub

Dhaka/Amman -  much respect due to Amman but we got this 

Suba/Damascus - Suba appears to have cooled off. Until I see them back in early season form gotta go with Damascus 

Riyadh/Cordoba - Kenny gets hot and carries Cordoba on his shoulders for the win!
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 8:16:46 PM
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Istanbul/Cairo- #don'tsleeponCairo.

Kabul/Jakarta-I don't see Kabul having an answer for the duo of Jawad and Mujkarta.

Alexandria/Mombasa-This should be a great game but I Mombasa has just a bit more than what Alexandria has. Raza is almost impossible to stop on the fast break and he should have another outing this week.

Granada/Fez- Even though Fez is soon to be Summerball 2017 champs, I think Omar Qasem feels like he has something to prove. He's been active on the forums as of late and he has to back up his talk. I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited to see what he does tomorrow and for the rest of the season. 17 PPG on 18.8 shots isn't going to cut it and I think he knows that. Granada still has Singer and the Ahmad bros as well. If Fez wants to have any shot, Ahmad Saleh has to bring his shot to the gym.

Mecca/Beirut- This may be the hardest game to predict. Anas Zubi is out and my prayers go to out to him. Anas is older brother has to step up. He's been having a great season and now he has to take more shots to propel his squad to victories. Mecca has to start playing defense and I dont who's going to guard Jon Mingo. Close game. Toss up. If Jaber, Malik, and Ammar are healthy, I have Mecca.

Tehran/Sana'a- Mo Amin. He can't have 10 turnovers again though.

Palermo/Islamabad- I won't predict my game.

Sarajevo/Delhi- Delhi is now a scary team. They got 2 bigs that can play and a guard that can just light the gym up at any given moment. They're a fun team to watch and they got a BIG 3 I'm not ready to bet against just yet.

Dhaka/Amman- Dhaka got the experience and chemistry to beat this Amman squad. They got Salman manning the middle, Ameer Koyas doing his thing, Fahad stretching the floory, Farzad being a floor general, and Ali playing defense. Mairaj can hit his open shots and he'll hustle. I have Dhaka winning.

Suba/Damascus- They're hustle should lead them to victory. However, I said it before and I'll say it again, they have to find more consistent offense to really have a shot at the chip. Hustle will only take you so far.

Riyadh/Cordoba- They're a really good team, but in order to become a great one, they need to learn to play together. They got the talent, now they have to work together and it'll lead to dubs.

Strive to Do What Seems Impossible
Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017 9:27:49 AM
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"Best team in the league. #thingsMBsays"
Tehran takes down #1 & #2. We might need to reconsider those power rankings or we can still play favorites. :)

Great game by Sana'a by the way, hard fought battle. Much respect to the team.
Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017 12:15:47 PM
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Definitely a great game. It's that kind of competition that makes this league fun. We let it get away from us at the end and you guys took full advantage. Hoping we meet again in the playoffs.
Big O
Posted: Sunday, August 13, 2017 5:50:01 AM

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I caught the last minute of the Tehran/Sanaa game. Sanaa lost its composure a little down the stretch and Tehran took advantage of it. Under a minute left with the ball and the lead 43-40, Sanaa was in position to force Tehran to foul and try and ice the game at the line. But Sanaa turned it over 2-3 times leading to 2 layups, with a missed front end of a 1 and 1 mixed in between. The 3rd TO was on a bad/rushed outlet pass after losing the lead - Sanaa forced to foul - Tehrans big hit 2 FTs. All of a sudden it was 46-43 Tehran. Sanaa got to the line and hit both with 7 seconds to go. Those last 7 seconds were pretty crazy, as wild as you can get. Loud gym, frantic play, hands flying everywhere. The refs let em play, they probably couldve called 4 different fouls on both teams: they coulda called one on the inbounds when the ball was stolen, Raied and AR both had attempts at the rim that couldve been fouls, 2nd attempt to get the ball out by tehran after a rebound was stolen again - coulda been a foul. It was nuts. It probably wouldve been better if the refs called the first foul sending Tehran to the line up 1 with 6 seconds to go - Sanaa wouldve likely had a final possession with an attempt at a buzzer beater...

Crazy intense last minute, good effort by both sides.

Posted: Monday, August 14, 2017 6:05:29 AM

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Much respect to Kabul who play really hard. Note that they're missing a top player in Ameed would without a doubt would be a top 5 big man in the league.

Ibrahim Omar
MB Commissioner
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