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Week 8 Predictions Options
Posted: Monday, March 12, 2018 7:08:15 PM

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Kazan / Sana'a (Big Court)
Two of the best scorers in the league going at it at 8 in the morning! I don't know who to go with.

Damascus / Lahore (Small Court)
Jon / Herb combo too nice. Damascus should learn a lot from them this game.

Tehran / Islamabad (Big Court)
Tehran needs to wake up a little bit and stop playing down to their competition. Big O needs to start scoring.

Lagos / Timbuktu (Small Court)
Zain's been leading this team. They have a new starting 5 every week. They make it work thou.

Jeddah / Amman (Big Court)
This is Omar Qlutch's league now. I haven't seen someone hit so many game winners since Muj.

Mecca / Baghdad (Small Court)
Small court is good for the commish. I don't have to run as much.

Jakarta / Granada (Big Court)
I might change my mind later on this week. For now gotta go with my boy Yo Shah having a big game.

Dhaka / Sarajevo (Small Court)
3peat champs slowing working their way back into form.

Beirut / Cordoba (Big Court)
Should be a great game. Beirut had a tough loss last week. They'll bring the intensity to match up with a solid Cordoba team.

Mombasa / Suba (Small Court)
Both teams at 6-1. Aymen can't run on a small court and he'll also have to chase Raza. Mombasa's chemistry will help them win this game.
Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2018 10:09:11 AM
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Kazan / Sana'a (Big Court): Pat and Abdul will cancel each other out, but in the end I think Kazan has a couple more weapons

Damascus / Lahore (Small Court): Tough matchups for Damascus

Tehran / Islamabad (Big Court): Islamabad lost one they shouldn’t have last week, they get back on track this week.

Lagos / Timbuktu (Small Court): Hopefully we have our starting five #lastweekwithoutTed

Jeddah / Amman (Big Court): Jeddah can score but it also needs to defend

Mecca / Baghdad (Small Court): Baghdad is solid defensively, but they need someone to run their offense through.

Jakarta / Granada (Big Court): Jakarta going to take this one, need to be able to lock down Muj, Yousef, and Mo one of them will find their rhythm.

Dhaka / Sarajevo (Small Court): I think this is going to be a great game, Sarajevo stepped up last week, lets see if they can continue to play well.

Beirut / Cordoba (Big Court): Cordoba wins it because of their size.

Mombasa / Suba (Small Court): Big court I would go Suba, however Mombasa takes this one.
Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2018 3:12:53 PM
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Kazan / Sana'a (Big Court)
Kazan wins this one with their hustle and defense. Will be a close one though.

Damascus / Lahore (Small Court)
Damascus comes in for their first dub, march madness = big upsets coming.

Tehran / Islamabad (Big Court)
A reliable source informed me that Billal was playing with a pretty bad back injury last game and he hurt even more. Also heard he's thinking about sitting this one out. Tehran takes the dub.

Lagos / Timbuktu (Small Court)
Never seen either teams play, this can go either way.

Jeddah / Amman (Big Court)
Not predicting my game.

Mecca / Baghdad (Small Court)
Baghdad takes their first win here with the advantage of the small court. Another upset im predicting.

Jakarta / Granada (Big Court)
Offense on both may be close, but Jakarta's defense will be too tough. Mujtaba goes off for 40 on this one.

Dhaka / Sarajevo (Small Court)
Don't know what happened to Dhaka, but they look like they're waking up. They take the win by blowout.

Beirut / Cordoba (Big Court)
Game of the week, can go either way. Mingo and kenny going at it. Looking forward to this one.

Mombasa / Suba (Small Court)
Although both teams are 6-1, Suba has had the easiest schedule in the league, they're only loss was to a good team.
Mombasa takes this one by 30.
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