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Malik Zubi  
#1 Posted : Monday, September 17, 2018 9:05:55 PM(UTC)
Malik Zubi

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16 teams left. WIN OR GO HOME TIME. A lot of interaction has been taking place on the forums, and time for everyone to back it up May the best 8 teams live to see another game.

Cairo vs. Mombasa - The Daniel Goldberg bowl. Big man def. wants his revenge against his old mates, and AMP wants to prove to the world he can win while putting up big numbers. Mombasa has had some early playoff exits in recent memory and I think they've learned to not take any team lightly. Defensively they need to contain AMP and limit Goldberg's second chance points. Other than that no one on Cairo has proven to be a consistent threat. Moe Masri has had a career season and will not hesitate to shoot. Playoff Raza is no joke and I am sure Pete Brown will double his numbers now that its playoff time. No upset here, Mombasa moves on.

Tehran vs. Beirut - Tehran in full attendance is a good team. Moe Amin and Jake are a solid 1-2 punch and they have a solid supporting cast of players. Beirut is no easy out and Mingo and friends won't go down without a fight. They always have one guy step up, and pick up the slack if one of the big three isn't having a terrific day. X-factor is 'Skinny', hustle player who has a nonstop motor and continuously looks for the open shot. If he can give them 10-15 points Beirut is moving on.

Mecca vs. Islamabad - would be nice to have a full team for once.

Timbuktu vs. Kazan - THIS ONE SMELLS LIKE AN UPSET! Khalied Saleh and Muj can easily put up 40 together. But Pat has shown he can put up 40 on his own. I don't picking against Muj but this Kazan team is HUNGRY. I mean just read their comments on the forum. They have every right to back up their guy for MVP and want to prove to the league they are a championship caliber team. If Timbuktu can get 40 from their big guns and 12-15 from an unsung hero they got this. But overcoming that full court press is no small task. TOSS UP, I GIVE UP.

Sana'a vs. Suba - DOES SUBA MAKE IT 11 IN A ROW? sure why not.

Jakarta vs. Dhaka - Call me crazy, but I think Jakarta wins this one. Netti goes for 30! No one cares about you Ed.

Granada vs. Kabul - The defending champs take on one of the league's best. Unfortunately he will be without his sidekick in Hamza and that will hurt them throughout this game. The Ahmed bro's don't drive to NJ from PA to lose basketball games. Let alone playoff basketball games. Playoff Singer needs to come to play if this team wants any hope of repeating. Shabazz will be glued to Abdelhadi and his teammates will need to do all they can to keep this contest close. Ultimately I think Granada is too talented top through bottom to not win this game.

Sarajevo vs. Baghdad - Amir + Timmy + Mo = elite 8. Sorry Leonard and co.
#2 Posted : Wednesday, September 19, 2018 7:46:39 PM(UTC)

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Sweet 16. Some interesting matchups this Saturday, and some lopsided ones also. I don't see the top 8 advancing. Explanations below:

Cairo vs. Mombasa: As Malik mentioned, big story line in this game: Goldberg grudge match. There was speculation that Goldberg's divorce from Mombasa was not on very good terms. Look for Cairo's bigman to come out hungry and aggressive. On the other side, you got Mombasa, and assuming a full squad shows up, they are a complete team. A good blend of shooting, slashing, leadership and size. Reza is cool as a cucumber in cruch time. AMP will also be hungry after being snubbed in the All MB teams and MVP discussion. Look for him to take 25+ shots and hit at least half of them. Pete Brown will try to hold his own against Goldberg. Adrian Perry should guard Mo Masri and NOT GIVE HIM ROOM. If Cairo can hold Masri to under 10, they have a chance. Otherwise, Mombasa will win.

Tehran vs. Beirut: Mo Amin + Yaqob vs. Mingo + Hart will be a great matchup. Which Marquez will show up? The one that made it rain vs. Dhaka in last years' playoffs, or the one that shoots 3-18? Tehran has some nice role players that may be the difference come Saturday. This game is a tossup but I'm going with my gut and Tehran.

Mecca vs. Islamabad: Mecca has been an anomaly all season. On paper, they have a top team, with 3 dynamic guards and a couple of solid bigs. I guess their attendance issues have plagued them, but in a 10 game season that's not an excuse. On the other hand, Islamabad has overachieved in my opinion. Their lack of a second big may haunt them, but how soon? I see them and their cohesive offense getting by Mecca this week.

Timbuktu vs. Kazan: If both teams show up at full strength, this will be a great game. Timbuktu is the best perimeter team in my opinion, and Khalied is the x factor. Kazan will bring the fire and intensity, along with the consistent play of MVP candidate Patrick. How can you stop Patrick? You can't. You can only try to slow him down. I would put Basel Aljawhary (word is that he's very strong) on Patrick and try ball denial. I would give the ball to Khalied at the high post and make him go to work. As for Kazan, I would put Cody on Muj and have him harass Muj all game with his on-ball defense. This will be a close game with Kazan coming out victorious.

Sana vs. Suba: Aytac and Aymen are rightfully getting all the forum time, but I'd like to feature another solid player, the rookie, Salim Laib. This guy attacks the rim like Russel Westbrook and keeps the defense on its heels. It shows in the boxscore with his freethrow attempts. Whoever put together this Suba team is a genius. Along with Faraz, Sasa, Carlos, Aymen and Aytac, you've got some of the strongest and aggressive players in MB. It also helps that they're all in their upper 20s and 30s. Sana has some very good pieces in the Imran brothers and Hamza Yusuf. However, Suba has too much fire power. Suba by 30+.

Jakarta vs. Dhaka: Jakarta has a size advantage over Dhaka, but Dhaka has better guard play. This is an intriguing matchup. We all know what Dhaka can do in the playoffs, they should never be counted out. Netty and Weiss will give Koyas and Salman a handful. Speaking of Koyas, he's had a down season. Not sure what's up, but look for him to have a breakout performance. This game is also a tossup.

Granada vs. Kabul: Anwar is warming up, and that's not a good sign for the rest of the league. Last season, Anwar and Granada defeated Kazan and Pat not once but twice. These guys are giant killers. And they are perhaps the perfect storm for Mo Abdelhadi and Kabul. Anwar and Mo shabazz should alternate guarding Abdelhadi. I heard Hamza Abdelhadi will be missing which makes this matchup even more intriguing. Waqas needs to step up with a big double double. Another great game that will be close. Kabul will pull away at the end.

Sarajevo vs. Baghdad: Another anomaly: Sarajevo. They have yet to reach their potential. Will they do it against Baghdad? I think so. The big 3 of Baghdad will show up and ball, but I think Sarajevo matchup well against Baghdad. Rawls vs. Charrkas. Timmy vs. Mullaney. Leonard Lee will be the x factor. I see a Sarajevo victory.
#3 Posted : Thursday, September 20, 2018 4:40:45 AM(UTC)

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Heart over Height baby!!!
#4 Posted : Thursday, September 20, 2018 9:16:35 PM(UTC)

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First, my departure from Mombasa was not on bad terms at all and I have nothing but love for Weiss and everyone on that squad. However, I would have loved nothing more than the chance to play against them this week (and destroy Weiss down low). Unfortunately, due to the delayed playoff schedule, I will be away on my honeymoon this Saturday. But, I will be there in spirit for my Cairo squad!
#5 Posted : Thursday, September 20, 2018 11:12:21 PM(UTC)

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Thanks Dan. I’ve been a little lazy in responding to some comments. I should have addressed this Mombasa break-up earlier. We tried to have Dan on our roster again, however, it was just not meant to be since he had a lot of marriage and honeymoon stuff going on during playoff time. Look what happened last season when we didn’t have him for the first round. We lost. Dan is my boy. We talk daily and he’s a loyal member to my fantasy league. The time apart has been detrimental to his mental health though. Somehow he believes my nephew, Adam, is not the cutest kid in the whole world. He will pay dearly for that opinion with heavy losses in fantasy [at my expense].
#6 Posted : Monday, September 24, 2018 7:44:47 PM(UTC)

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Caught some games, recaps:

Tehran vs. Beirut - I don't think anyone predicted Tehran would be 2nd in league in points allowed. Nice job holding Beirut, a team that averaged over 50, to 32. A good mix of bigs with court vision, shooters and savvy vets these guys are coming after Suba next

Mecca vs. Islamabad - Caught this game and looked like Mecca was finally clicking at just the right time. hmm would they be the Granada of 2018 Summerball? Zain wasn't having that and once Islamabad tied the game up and got into OT they appeared more composed and disciplined

Timbuktu vs. Kazan - 10am Court A was live but Court B was something else. Muj's stats may not show it but he put on a "take what the defense gives me" clinic, controlling tempo and playing the role of facilitator, scorer and leader

Sana'a vs. Suba - Sana'a came to play. Made some runs and kept it close but ultimately could not contain Aymen

Jakarta vs. Dhaka - Started out close, but we made some key adjustments to start the second half and pulled away. Salute to Jakarta especially Steve Netti - good group of guys, it was a physical second half but clean good sportsmanship. I think they're a piece away from going far next season

Granada vs. Kabul - Granada kept it close, I kept thinking they're about to make a run but it just didn't happen. Abdelhadi had a monster game, and that's with MoShabazz and Anwar all over him. I thought Granada would throw some different looks at Abdelhadi on the defense end but they didn't make many adjustments.

Sarajevo vs. Baghdad - Baghdad started the game tight and just couldn't recover from an early double digit deficit and a very aggressive Sarajevo squad

Some good matchups next round, where the predictions at???!
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