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#1 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 11:02:54 AM(UTC)

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Tehran-Sana'a (big court) -- The Sana'a reunion tour continues. Tehran is a solid squad all around, but they may have some trouble containing Abdul Popal on the big court where he has plenty of room to operate. Dhaka appeared to do a better job than previous teams in containing him this past week, can Tehran replicate that?

Timbuktu-Baghdad (small court) -- Timbuktu should bounce back in this game on the small court which favors their size advantage.

Lagos-Damascus (big court) -- Lagos looked very sharp yesterday on both ends of the floor. Ted looked like old Ted and Zain and Yaqob did their thing. They should win this one against a hard-working Damascus squad.

Jeddah-Granada (small court)

Cordoba-Mecca (big court) -- Mecca got back on track last week against Timbuktu, and should get another W this week against Cordoba.

Beirut-Islamabad (small court) -- Islamabad lost a tough game against Mombasa and will look to come out sharper in this matchup with Beirut. Beirut is also looking to rebound from a tough loss. Ultimately I am going to lean towards Islamabad in a close one.

Suba-Dhaka (big court) -- Dhaka is back on track and will have no problem getting the W this week.

Amman-Kazan (small court) -- Patrick continues to impress but his teammate Mark is also playing very well for Kazan. This team is solid and looks like they are ready to contend for the title. Amman lost unexpectedly to a Cordoba squad missing two of their better players in Luke Jensen and David Clingingsmith. If they can contain Mark and Patrick they should be able to pull out the W, but that's not an easy task.

Sarajevo-Mombasa (big court) -- Mombasa has been the most impressive team in the league to start the season in my opinion. Beating three top level teams in Jakarta, Dhaka, and Islamabad is a very difficult task, and beating Islamabad in such convincing fashion while missing their best player Raza Nassim is solid. Perhaps the talk of Mombasa's demise was premature. They look very much alive. Of course, time will tell if they can put it together in the playoffs and win the championship. For now, I am picking them to win this week against a solid Sarajevo squad.

Jakarta-Lahore (small court) -- Game of the week Lahore showed some grit last week in getting a W without their two star players Jon and Herb. Playing against a very talented Jakarta squad this week, I don't think they have enough on both ends of the floor to win this game. Jakarta will certainly do its best to take Jon out of this game, and it will be difficult for the rest of Lahore to match the offensive output of the Shahsamand bros and Mo Masri if Dejesus doesn't go off.
#2 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 7:16:38 PM(UTC)

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Jakarta-Lahore: Its going to be a very tight game but Lahore is definitely going to come out of this game with a dub. Jakarta is a very challenging team to beat due to their hieght advantage over most teams and their scoring ability in the paint but Lahore is a much better team defensively and proved that their team is fully capable to score and defend without their star players. Ahmad saleh, Tarik Salem, and Elias Aglaguel are deadly perimeter shooters so Jakarta would have to find a way to defend the 3pt line. Jon dejesus and Mujtaba Is going to be a worthy match up to see both being high scorers and team leaders. Muhannad and Herb will be a powerful duo when it comes to boards so jarkata in order to beat them in that sector and would have to help Omar Khalaf.Definitely going to be the game of the week
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#3 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 9:33:49 PM(UTC)
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Tehran vs.Sana'a (big court) - The Moe Amin bowl!!!! Abdul Popal and Joey P will be a great matchup to keep our eyes on. Tehran is coming off a great defensive win over Jeddah, while Sana'a lost a tough one to the defending champs. Nice to see Sana'a find a second option in Steve to compliment Abdul. Tehran has yet to play on the big court, but if they control the tempo of the game and force Abdul to be a facilitator rather than a scorer, they should come out on top.

Timbuktu vs. Baghdad (small court) - The Saleh brothers and Jeff are monsters down in the paint. Raied needs to be more assertive on the offensive end, and take more than 5 shots a game. He is far too talented and his team goes as he goes. Baghdad nearly had their first win of the season, but a big 3 by Tarik Salem and clock management left them just short. Amir Charrkas did his best to keep the game close, but he'll need more help from the other 9 guys on the team. Timbuktu gets back into the win column.

Lagos vs. Damascus (big court) - Damascus pulls off the major major major major upset.

Jeddah vs. Granada (small court) - Granada may be looking ahead and salivating at their week 5 matchup because they did not compete at all. The Ahmed bro's will always put in 110%, but Singer and George need to distribute and get others involved. Very dynamic backcourt, and can get their own whenever they please, which is why they need to incorporate the others. Jeddah had a tough battle against Tehran and might have the best matchup this week either. Sorry Qman but Granada is hungry!

Cordoba vs. Mecca (big court) - We don't look a championship caliber team at the moment, and lack movement without the ball. (When I say we, I am pointing the finger at their captain.) Get Hamza Saleh the ball kids!

Beirut vs. Islamabad (small court) - Abbassi clan have the scorers to put up way more than 30. Fursan is a guy who has averaged 20 before, Islam has once led the league in scoring, Big O is a force download and has a stretch big and lastly Billal Biggz puts up big numbers. Perhaps last week was just an anomaly. Beirut on the otherhand were missing their PG but even that may not have changed the outcome. Jon Mingo should be averaging 20 and 10, EASILY. TOO big for guards, too quick for Bigs. Him and Hart will have to each put up big numbers this week if they want another W in that win column.

Suba vs. Dhaka (big court) - So much for the name! Suba is off to a 2-1 start, and looking for their third win against the defending champs. Guess that third win of the season will have to wait. Dhaka's slow start is no indication of the team they are, and should find themselves back at .500 very soon.

Amman vs. Kazan (small court) - Kazan's high powered offense, against Amman's dynamic backcourt. If this game wasn't being played on court B, I'd take Amman, because I don't think Kazan would be able to run up and down the court for 40 minutes. Amman will make this competitive if they close out on their shooters and limit their second chance points. Kazan puts up 60 plus again.

Sarajevo vs. Mombasa (big court) - Leonard Lee where art thou????? Ive Pavin was a solid addition Masta Weiss. Daniel G will have his fingerprints all over this game and if Raza is back ....... 4-0.

Jakarta vs. Lahore (small court) - Himey's disciples are the second highest scoring team in the league.... let that sink in. A team that usually prides themselves on shutting you down are now outscoring their opponents. They do have their hands full this week with Jon and Herb, but do have the personnel to defend both star players. Hopefully it lives up to its game of the week label. Himey's disciples take it, 51-45.
#4 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 8:34:34 AM(UTC)

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Lagos-Damascus: Damascus is definitely the sleeper in this league, they have a lot of potential to be one of the top teams, they are great defenders and passers they all crash the boards but they gotta work on the offensive side of the court. They need to take off the offensive load on Hosam and Ramzy. The past three games they were struggling with making shots but this week is the week they come up. Lagos on the other hand are in the top three scoring team, FG%, and 3Pt % they are a deadly team on offense but they cant defend. Khaled, Humza K, and Billz are going to exploit that weakness and go off 53-45 Damascus

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#5 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 9:41:33 AM(UTC)

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Tehran-Sana'a (big court)
I think this might be the week Abdul gets shut down. If Tehran thinks they are as good as they say they are on defense, they will prove it this week. Cody/Joe/Ali can all run with Abdul, but can they stop him from scoring? We shall find out. Feed Jason the ball!

Timbuktu-Baghdad (small court)
No one on Baghdad stopping Saleh bros.

Lagos-Damascus (big court)
Lagos warming up. They have way too many weapons to not be a top level team.

Jeddah-Granada (small court)
Should be an interesting game. Granada is in a funk. They'll need to get out of it asap.

Cordoba-Mecca (big court)
Jaber Jaber. Remember that name.

Beirut-Islamabad (small court)
I think both these teams do better on the big court. Giving slight edge to Beirut here.

Suba-Dhaka (big court)

Amman-Kazan (small court)
Similar to Abdul/Sana'a, you need to stop Pat. Plain and simple. Play defense on Pat. Let the rest of the team beat you.

Sarajevo-Mombasa (big court)
Raza on the big court. Good luck Sarajevo.

Jakarta-Lahore (small court)
Lahore hyped right now. The only advantage here is that this game is on the small court. On the big court, Jakarta winning by a lot. Jakarta winning on the small court also.
#6 Posted : Thursday, February 15, 2018 1:21:04 PM(UTC)

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Tehran/Sana'a- I'm a big believer in Tehran and what they are trying to do. They are a great defensive team that also has some offense. Sana'a is an excellent defensive team, but the offense seems stagnant when Abdul is not taking over. I believe Abdul will do whatever he can to keep up with Tehran's okay offense, but will it be enough? This should be a great game to watch, I'm going to roll with Tehran. P.S. I do realize that Sana'a has the better statistical offense, but I believe it's a lot on the shoulders of Abdul, and if he doesn't show up, getting points will be tough.

Timbuktu/Baghdad- Baghdad is 4th in the league defensively, but offensively they are all the way down at 19th. They really have to work on the offense and get something going. Timbuktu has to figure out a way to get Layth Abdelqader going. When I watch them, they play too much 1 vs. 1 ball. They should get the ball moving and they will find themselves with open shots more often. I think they win this game regardless, but if they want to be a serious force, they have to get Layth going offensively.

Lagos/Damascus- Lagos started the season off hot with 76 points, but they cooled down a bit the past 2 weeks. I don't believe that matters this week as Damascus really needs to work on their offense....and their defense. Since they came into the league, they've had trouble offensively, but they're defense kept them in games. They're at the bottom of the league defensively. Lagos wins.

Jeddah/Granada- Jeddah is 16th and 14th in the league in offense and defense, respectively. Granada hasn't been good defensively, but they've put up points offensively. I believe the Granada will outscore Jeddah and this game. It'll be a high scoring game, but ultimately, Granada will put up more points.

Cordoba/Mecca- Cordoba has 2 big players that put pressure on opponents, but Mecca is up for the task. They have Obada, Ammar, and Hamza Saleh. Mecca is the best defensive team in the league, as I predicted to start the season because of the addition of Hamza Saleh. They also have shooters in Ed and Malik. Ed got to shoot more, and Malik gotta keep doing what he's doing. Malik is not just settling for threes, he's keeping the defense on their heels by attacking the rim as well. The offensive big 3 in Mali Jaber and Ed will be scary once they gain complete chemistry.

Beirut/Islamabad- I won't predict my own game. #footballseasonisout #STDWSI

Suba/Dhaka- I just think Dhaka is the better team overall.

Amman/Kazan- Patrick man. He's on another level. He had a bad week 2, but man did he bounce back 30 points on 52% shooting. The man could ball. Mark is also an assassin. How do you stop both? Theirs only one way I know how, you can't. Amman is a good team that can compete, but I think Kazan will give it to them.

Sarajevo/Mombasa- Out of respect of Mombasa just completely man-handling us... they win.

Jakarta/Lahore- Lahore won without their 2 best guys last week and that shows that the role players will show up when needed. Jakarta is a team that will give you everything you could possible handle, offensively, defensively, and pure hustle. But Herb and Dejesus will pull this game out against a great team in Jakarta.
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